Not knowing the future in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak, our Medical Director advised us to not buy any plane tickets to PNG, but to wait it out and see how it develops. So we waited. On March 20th, we were copied on an email from the PNG Government. In it, the director of FODE Schooling system, shut down all the schools with government funding for a minimum of two weeks. For many in the bush, the letter was an introduction to what Covid-19 even was and how it was affecting the whole world. We contacted Peter through our Whatsapp smartphone app in Hauna. He, nor any of the teachers in Hauna, had heard of the government’s decision. We sent a copy of the letter, and just like that, Hauna joined the rest of the world by calling a village meeting, telling people not to travel to Wewak, and shutting down all of the schools, including the school run by Laszlo Mission League in Hauna. If we had not had direct communication with Hauna, it likely would have been another week before the news would have reached them. Thank God for cell phone technology which, though limited, will reach into Hauna village when the cell tower is working. They don’t have electricity, but they have cell phone service . . . sometimes.