Everyone is hunkered down in Hauna. People aren’t traveling to Wewak for supplies and the schools are not operating. The water has been high during the usual flood season so traveling anywhere in the village is done by canoe only. About halfway through April the water began receding which means villagers can begin looking forward to working in their gardens. Just like everyone else in the world, the Covid-19 outbreak is restricting travel and keeping everybody stuck in the village. Not going to school has provided the opportunity for a lot more community time playing soccer and volleyball. The village feels, and actually is, very isolated from the rest of the world. There has only been one case of Covid-19 in all of PNG and that was an Australian getting off a plane and he was immediately sent back to Australia. As long as villagers are not traveling to Wewak, they feel confident that Covid-19 is nowhere near the village and life goes on as normal. Just like us, they are keeping themselves busy repairing the huts and using the high water to float Sego trees down from the highlands. Meanwhile, Shirley is in pretty strict quarantine in Boise with her children. She would be considered high risk. Marilyn is in the same high-risk category in her care facility. We are thankful that Marilyn is not in a larger nursing home where the risk might be more severe.