Day 13

There is nothing like waking up in a soft bed, clean, not sweaty, not under a mosquito net, after the first good night of sleep after sleeping in the village. That was our experience as we woke up in Wewak at the hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We had a great breakfast together around the hotel pool and spent time sharing our perspectives of the trip. When we all met each other in Louisville about two months ago, we felt as though God put us together. Now we know it. Not only were there things that happened that probably changed the course of the village, but we now all have relationships with each other. It was a wonderful time of sharing. We committed to a reunion on Zoom in a few weeks to further process on what we went through these past 13 days.

After breakfast, we had basically one hour to shop for gifts and souvenirs. Boga, our guide from Hauna, led us to the local market. I think every person got something good to take home.

Now it was time to head to the Wewak airport for the flight to Port Moresby. The place was packed, but it turned out fine, the tickets were fine, checking baggage was fine, time was fine, and boarding was next. Finally, an airplane boarding process without stress.

At this time, we stood in the terminal and re-told stories we had just lived together as we waited to board. At this point I am separating from the group to do some more business in Wewak. We said our goodbyes and the five guys boarded the flight to Port Moresby where they’d spend the night.

The minute they boarded I went back to work, with Sam and Boga at the bank and meeting with various people in the town regarding the happenings of Hauna. We had a lot to do tomorrow before I board my flight and to follow the guys home.