Day 14

As the guys were boarding their flight very early in the morning from Port Moresby to Manila, I was starting a long day of standing in lines all over Wewak. I was at the bank three different times getting money changed, opening bank accounts and making transfers. That took a good four hours. I was at the Department of Lands, securing our Wewak Guest House and then paying a variety of bills to keep the utilities on. Finally, I had a long meeting with Priscilla, Zech’s widow, and a few others before dinner and went to bed early.

Meanwhile, on our WhatsApp group chat, the guys have been giving me the play-by-play about their 9-hour layover in Manila where they rented a hotel room by the hour to stretch out and rest. They are anxious to get home of course. They will take off today from Manilla around 9:00 p.m. and land in LA the same day at 6:00 p.m. Because they will cross the International Date Line, they will land in LA on the same day before they took off. It messes with your head. They will overnight in LA before catching very early Southwest flights back home.

Before I head to the airport tomorrow, I’ll meet up with a few more people. Then I’ll embark on my long flight following the same path as the team.

I’m looking forward to relaxing when it is my turn to board the flight to Port Moresby.