Day 15

This will be my final update on this trip as I will start my own journey home this afternoon.

As the five guys were jetting their way to Manilla, a long layover and then on to LA, I was busy on Saturday with tasks related to the guest house. After I wrote a letter to the SCM board and village members about the future plan for the house in Wewak, it left just enough time to pack, meet with Sam one last time, and head to the airport.

I said my goodbyes to Sam and checked in and waited. And waited. And waited as the flight kept being delayed. First one hour then two.

The flight was supposed to leave at 1:10. At 3:45, a pre-recorded announcement came over a sound system. It said, “Due to a technical issue, flight PX121 to Port Moresby has been canceled.”

The very next flight at 7:30 in the morning (Sunday) gets me into Port Moresby after my connecting fight to Manilla has left.

So, once again, I am stranded. I’m stranded in Wewak and I currently have no idea how I will get home, where I will overnight, or what path I’ll take. I hope Air Niugini will take care of me and get me home in time.

So, this trip ends as it began. Feeling helpless at the ticket counter of an international flight. The only difference now is that there are not five guys standing behind me. They are home. It’s only me and I’m up for the adventure.


When Topher arrived in Port Moresby the next day, he was able to catch a newly added flight to Manilla that made it possible for him to get on his originally scheduled flight to LA. Unfortunately, once in Manilla, his flight to LA was delayed for five hours causing him to miss his connection back to KC. He was able to reschedule the connection and finally made it back home!