Even though this recent surge in the Covid-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc with the rest of the world, life is relatively normal in Hauna Village. They know about the virus and there is a little more talk about it when they travel to Wewak. But in the village, they don’t wear masks or even think about it. Fortunately, Covid-19 has been held at bay in most of Papua New Guinea. This is probably mostly due to Australia where they take it extremely seriously. The main way into PNG is through the capitol, Port Moresby. The only flights into Port Moresby, come from Australia. Due to strict travel restrictions getting into Australia, and because there is no way to get to PNG without a stop off in Sydney, Brisbane or Cannes, it’s nearly impossible to get there. All flights out of southeast Asia, like Singapore, or Hong Kong are banned. It is this travel restriction to PNG that is keeping us from traveling back to Hauna for the time being. We anxiously wait for the end of this pandemic!