To say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year is an understatement. Being locked down due to Covid-19 has been hard for many but it has also led to some wonderful things. For Laszlo Mission League, it is the same. It has been very hard for Shirley to be stuck at home in Boise and it has been frustrating not to be able to travel from the USA to Papua New Guinea and Hauna. However, the ministry in Hauna continues on fervently and with great success.

Due to the faithfulness of US donors we continue to send the needed monthly funds for the sponsored students, the teachers in Hauna, the teachers sent to other villages, the medical workers and the Bible school teachers. Technology has helped us stay in contact through apps such as Whatsapp on the cell phone and even Facebook updates when villagers come to Wewak. But the biggest “positive” from the Covid pandemic is the leadership development in the village. This is the longest time the ministry has continued without Shirley or Marilyn being in the village. This is great news as the leaders in Hauna lead the vibrant ministries there. And they are growing! In the meantime, we wait. We wait for international flights to begin once and again, we wait for the country of Papua New Guinea to open its border, and we wait for a vaccine.