January 2020: Happy New Year!  We’re hoping and praying for so many great things to happen in Hauna this year.  Work continues on the medical clinic with the grant we received.  Every day there are 10-15 workers who are tearing out the old rotten, termite eaten wood, and replacing it with this new product that is similar to our gypsum board in the US.  It’s a plywood-like board that is concrete based and termites will not eat it.  We try to use this product and Iron Wood trees as much as possible for new building and repair of old buildings.  The big news for January is the fixing of the cable bridge from the main house to the west.  This connects half the village to the land where the medical clinic and primary school classrooms are located.  The bridge has been unusable until the erosion problem in the bank could be fixed.  I joke that the school parking lot (about 50 small dug-out canoes) is over-crowded.  Now some kids will be able to walk to school over the bridge