Day 8

Once again, we all slowly woke up with the sun, grabbed a cup of coffee and watched from our upper floor as the village started to stir.

After breakfast we were all in meetings of various sorts. Clinton, Tony and Alin were meeting with the Bible School teachers. Elroy and Jay were meeting about the Bible School building funds, and I was meeting with the three bosses. And after a quick lunch, the meetings continued.

At one point, Alin decided to swim in the river. He showed up on the shore in his swimsuit ready to jump in. Unfortunately, when he dove in, he came up with no glasses! The only pair he has are now at the bottom of this fast-moving Sepik tributary. He looked for a while and gave up.

However, pretty soon here came five young boys and they went diving for those glasses. After about eight minutes one of them came up sputtering and yelling “I found them!” And sure enough he did find them!

After a good dinner of chicken and rice and cabbage, we sat around talking about the day and wishing it was cooler. Last night there was a storm that came through and cooled it down a bit. But no luck tonight.