Day 10

After our Sunday night meeting, we all had individual marching orders on Monday morning.

Jay was headed to work at the clinic in the medical center. A long line was waiting for him by 8 a.m. He went almost seven hours straight with no electricity, and no water. It was a Godsend to so many people to be able to actually talk to a doctor.

Clint and Tony spent time with the teachers beginning to craft some additions to the statement of faith for the Bible School, SCM workers, and SCM Board members. Alin tried to get about five different computers and printers to work in the Bible School office as well as the SCM office. Technology is so tough out here. Moisture is really hard on electronic and most electronics today need access to the internet regularly. Alin has been amazing not only with tech, but also with his travel guitar that he brought. The village is asking for him do songs for devotions.

Elroy continued doing accounting investigative work with Sam on the Bible School finances and Topher had Christina and Jospi working on distributing sponsor letters. The Big House was buzzing on every floor with activity including about 120 kids writing to their sponsors and getting their pictures taken.

Meanwhile, we were preparing for a very big board meeting that night. We worked on agendas and prepared some decisions, resolutions, and policy changes. It was a very busy day.

Around 6:00, the SCM board members started showing up. After Alin shared a short devotion for all of us, the rest of the team except Elroy and I excused themselves from the board meeting. We were there for three hours as we discussed various projects and priorities. It was a great meeting!