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Laszlo Mission League
  • A Church is Born in Hauna Village While Another Tribe Waits This is the second film (1981) made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, near the middle of the process of translating the Sepik Iwam New Testament. A visit to a distant village at the invitation of one of its residents reveals a new church building.
  • First Encounters with a Stone Age Tribe in Papua New Guinea. The first (1975) of several movies made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, this film documents the early days of the Sepik Iwam Bible Translation Project in a primitive and challenging tribal culture.
  • A Bible Translator’s Story from the Jungles of Papua New Guinea In 1967, Marilyn Laszlo entered a village in Papua New Guinea to give the Sepik Iwam People God’s Word in their own language. Today the people who never imagined their talk could be carved on banana leaves now read in their own words “Papa God’s Carving.”


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