by Marilyn Laszlo with Luci Tumas. Forward by Franklin Graham.

Marilyn Laszlo longed to communicate the gospel to the colorful Sepik Iwam people of Papua New Guinea. But how could she bring the light of God’s Word to a culture steeped in fear and darkness when the people had no written language?

Giving up a comfortable life as a teacher, Marilyn poured herself into Bible translation. Strange sights, sounds, customs, and food became a way of life — as did fatigue, isolation, disease, and deadly snakes. But the payoff far exceed anything she had imagined.

Mission Possible is the story of Marilyn Laszlo’s relentless efforts to translate the Word of God into the Sepik Iwam language, resulting in the transformation of an entire people group.

“I believe that you will be fascinated, amazed, gripped by what God has done through this gutsy Christian lady. I think her faith, her patience, and her brokenhearted passion for the lost will stir in you a greater desire to let God work through you.” — from the Foreword by Franklin Graham

180 pages, includes 10 pages of photos from Hauna Village.

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