What Others Are Saying

Marilyn’s Profile at the Ambassador Speaker’s Bureau & Literacy Agency includes a 30 minute video clip.

Cedarville University

Please accept this letter as a glowing recommendation for Marilyn Laszlo as a speaker for college, church or association meeting. In fact, Marilyn would be a hit in just about any setting. I have invited Marilyn to speak at both Bryan College, where I formerly served as president, and Cedarville University, where I currently serve as president. I have heard Marilyn speak at least a dozen times and each time was an incredible experience.

A better indicator of her effectiveness as a speaker is the way college students respond to her. She has become a favorite among the student bodies of both institutions. Her ability to hold the attention of 3,600 university students, faculty, and staff for 45 minutes with her humor and passion is a testimony to her effectiveness as a communicator. It is no wonder she was a highlight of the Billy Graham crusade where she spoke before thousands.

On a personal note, I am impressed with the hours Marilyn spends with the students after speaking. She never seems in a hurry and always invests her time in those who want to talk to her. I believe these conversations are what God has used in the lives of many who choose to follow Him in overseas ministry. Needless to say, I am one of Marilyn Laszlo’s biggest fans. We can not wait to have her back here at Cedarville University.

William Brown, President, Cedarville University

Sanibel Community Church

For our Missions Conference we made a deliberate decision to invite only world class missions speakers. Marilyn certainly fit the bill for us. Her life story, her challenging ministry and her personal warmth have won the hearts of our church family. Her humor and sense of the dramatic have made missions open up for our adults and particularly our young people. We have not only invited her back to speak several times, but by demand she was first choice for 2005 as a repeat Missions Conference speaker. We as a missions group support her on a regular basis, as well as having mission projects over the years. In 2001 we raised funds to purchase canoe motors for Papua New Guinea, and just last monght concluded a fund raising project for Bibles in Iraq.

Our pastor and I were recently discussing this past January’s mission conference, and he remarked that the top thing that he liked about Marilyn was that she developed one central message in her ministry and that it would stick with you. The simple message our chruch got this year was this: “The safest place in the world is right in the center of God’s will”. What a message for our times and particularly for our young people and young adults. Marilyn is very special to us and we hope to have her back again.

Pierre Loizeaux, Mission Conference Chairman, Sanibel Community Church

Moody Bible Institute

Over the years I have had several opportunities to share a ministry venue with Marilyn Laszlo and have always appreciated her ability to effectively share her God-given passion for missions.

We have had her on campus at Moody on numerous occasions and she has always been a favorite and greatly used in the hearts and lives of our students.

I would highly recommend Marilyn and her ministry.

Joseph Stowell, Moody Bible Institute