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Emails from YOU

Thank you so much to everyone who emails me! I travel a lot, so I apologize in advance for my slow responses! I just wanted to share a few emails that I’ve received recently:

Hey there greetings from Jacksonville ! You may or may not remember me, but you did two camps for us a few years back and then came and spoke in our church. The camps were held in north Georgia . You might remember me, we had a red jeep with the top off/down and we took you out to get an Icee while you were here. You said you never had one of them before. Well I just wanted to share that spending time with you was a part of my journey to where we are today. My family and I have been called to serve the Lord overseas and will be leaving mid July and serve with the IMB in Ukraine . This has been a long time coming and we are very excited. God used you to speak to me…and I wanted you to know.

Praise God that he has called missionaries into the Ukraine. Please join me in praying for this family as they travel and settle in to their new home overseas.

Meeting you at Winter Fest was so inspiring. I look up to you so much. You had such a drive to do what you knew in your heart God set you out to do. A lot of people need that drive in the world today. I’m still trying to find my place and find what God has sent me to this world to do. I bought your book that day, and i have made it to chapter 7. I love it!!!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. Keep praying, reading the Bible, going to church, and growing in the Lord, and God will guide you to your calling. Jeremiah 29 promises that God has a plan for each one of us.

Thank you for coming to our church. I know this weekend is one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for your obedience in following your calling & sharing your stories. I am reminded of Corrie ten Boom & her book “Tramp for the Lord”. After experiencing the horrors of the concentration camp, she followed God’s calling her to travel the world to share the message He gave her. Your practical approach to walking the Christian life was refreshing. Your joy in the Lord is contagious. I love you in the Lord. May He continue to sustain you as you follow His plan.

Thank you. Please pray for me as I travel, for safety and refreshment. Pray that God will open hearts to His calling and His will and that people will respond to God.

There’s still time to book me to come see you this year. Check out my speaking calendar. If I’ll be near you, come join us. Otherwise, call Angie to book me for your event. Thank you!

Satan Lives in Sound Systems

There is hardly a time when I get up to speak that the sound system doesn’t go wacky. It could be a number of things. But not only that, there are so many different kinds of microphones, and not one is made for women. There are the ones you clip on your lapel or necktie. Well, women don’t wear neck ties, and we seldom have a lapel. I will go to the ladies room and try to maneuver this thing in order for it to be close to my mouth and not fall off.

Then there are the hand held microphones – that is just not going to work with me. I need both of my hands, I can’t hold a microphone. So they will put it on a microphone stand. That doesn’t work either. I can’t talk and stand frozen in one place for 45 minutes to an hour. I move around. So, here we are. Women like the ones that go around your ear. It’s the same color as your skin – you can’t see it…perfect for us. But they often give me one of those black head sets that go over your head. Oh, please, I look like an astronaut. But even though I try to make it all work, when I get up to talk, the sound system goes dead. No sound. 

The men back in the sound booth are pushing every button, changing wires, or whatever, trying to make it work. Finally they come all the way up to the platform to put a new battery in that little gismo that is hanging on the back of my skirt to see if that is the problem. Now if that isn’t a picture to behold! There he is fiddling around in the back of me, bending over trying to put a new battery in the receiver that is hanging on the back of my skirt. By now the audience is laughing their head offs. It is all very entertaining, but I have just lost about 8 minutes of my speaking time.

Even, when it all goes well, my microphone, the sound system and all… everything’s just hunky dory, the people are having a hard time hearing. What? Oh yes, when they were building the church they did not consult a reputable sound man before they started the building. Here we are sitting in these, incredible, beautiful, lovely, comfortable churches, but… poor sound, no matter where you sit you can’t hear. So now, after the church is built, they consult a qualified sound man and thousands of dollars are spent in trying to somehow make adjustments in the sanctuary part of the building. You know, it is all about the message, the Word of God, the very thing that Satan does not want anyone to hear. Satan has no power over the Word. So he tries and interferes some other way. He is a pain, a nuisance, and very annoying. Pay no attention. Press on.

If you had any idea of how many times this happens in one week, you too, would be frustrated. It’s absurd. God is looking to see how we respond to all this. Well, we don’t respond…or at least we shouldn’t. We press on. We can send men to the moon, but we can’t make a sound system that works. It’s Satan taking advantage of the situation.

Back in the dark ages when all these enormous cathedrals were built in Europe, they didn’t need a sound system or microphone; you could hear a pin drop in those buildings. How is it we can hear a tiny little bird singing off in the distance up in a tree somewhere? Did you ever think about that? Well, maybe we need to have church under the trees. Actually, in Hauna Village, in Papua New Guinea, before we could build a thatched roof church, that is exactly what we did. We met under the palm trees. We could all hear just fine.

But in spite of all the sound difficulty, I let people know that we will not allow Satan to interrupt this meeting. We press on in the name of Jesus, who has a whole lot more power than Satan or the sound system. He makes it work, and people are blessed. We win.

What a great meeting it was those two days (in Elk Grove, IL; October 20 and 21, 2007) in spite of the sound system. At the brunch, where there were around 80 people, we had a great time talking and sharing about the amazing things that the Lord is doing all over the world. It just loosened the people up. We laughed and bantered back and forth…the message went out and the people are still talking about it. Thank you Lord. The same scenario at the worship service – bad sound, but the Lord took care of that, and I gave my testimony and shared the gospel of Jesus. Satan looses again. It was one of those meetings where you felt like you had known each other for years. Just a warm and comfortable feeling. The presence of the Lord was there.

I had all the teenagers sit in the front, and after I had finished my talk I had them all stand up to be recognized… a generation that God is truly using to impact our country. They are a special generation. I also held up my book, Mission Possible, and asked the adults to pick out just one of these students and buy them the book. The book was written for Jr. High and High school students. Back at the table where the books and DVD’s were displayed, a woman came up and bought a book for each of those teenagers. WOW! Now that is the work of the Holy Spirit…touching lives. No matter how difficult a situation may seem, press on, and keep pressing on. God will take care of it eventually. Satan looses again. We win.

Thanks for allowing me to let off some steam.

Have a blessed day,

Marilyn Laszlo

PS – I have many open slots on my speaking calendar for next year. Would your church or group invite me to talk? See for my calendar and speaking details. Thank you!

Thank you

Dear Partners in the Great Commission, November 2007

October was certainly a very busy month with 14 days on the road, speaking 19 times to 2,083 people in five different states. What incredible opportunities. I am overwhelmed as I watch the Lord work in every meeting, whether college campuses, retreats, mission conferences, or youth groups. This is such a humbling experience to be given this opportunity to work for God.

Thanks, supporters, for your the prayers. I go into my meetings feeling comfortable as the power of your prayers is covering me. Amazing how God is right there. Thank you for being my friend and partner in this ministry.

Thank you, too, for your generous gifts. We are a faith mission and are very dependent on the gifts of people like you to keep me on the road, and Laszlo Mission League operating. It is by faith that we are able to minister all over this nation, and you are a major part in all this. Praise God! 

We continue to rely on you, our team, to help us continue to bring God’s blessings, by sharing the Good News of Hope and Salvation in Christ.
Thank you.

Believing God for the best in your life,

Marilyn Laszlo

PS – I have many open slots on my speaking calendar for next year. Would your church or group invite me to talk? See for my calendar and speaking details. Thank you!

Prayer and Praise

Hey, prayer works!!

I forget my age when I am with the teenagers. I just jump right in no matter what game they are playing.

My wrist is not broken – not even the tiny little bones…that is amazing, considering my age and some osteoporosis…and a very bad fall…my whole weight was on my left wrist. It is very bruised…a very bad sprain. The color is dark red and goes up into my arm. Actually, no one knew anything about my injury until after I got done speaking to the teens. They saw that I had fallen really hard. They were very concerned and asked if I was okay. I assured them that I was just fine. I only told the youth director after we were packing up and getting ready to leave the church. However, I could not put my coat on because of the pain and just carried it out to the car.

After I got to the house where I was staying, we started the cold and hot procedure.

Packing up the next morning and going to the airport, through security was not easy with my suitcase and backpack and using just one hand. I think you could picture that.

After I got home I called the doctor. He told me I had to get to the Emergency Room right now! I said, “Emergency Room? I will be there for hours.” He said, “Get going! They may even need to do an operation.” I said, “What? An operation? I have never had an operation since I was twelve years old when I had my tonsils out. I can’t have an operation.” “Marilyn, just go on to the Emergency Room, you’ll be fine. I will see you later.”

I now have a splint on that is really helpful, because without it I would really have a hard time dressing or putting my coat on…or going to the toilet!

Yesterday I was on the lawn mower for about five hours with the Vac Track sucking up the leaves.

Thank you so much for you prayers. I am so thrilled that I do not have a broken wrist.

I always seem to have a story of some kind. Some are better than others. My dear friend, Claude Bowen, a big business man with Dale Carneige, taught me how to tell stories. He said, “Everyone has a story…everyday…they just don’t know it.” God has brought so many beautiful and precious friends into my life….like you!

Love you.


PS – I have many open slots on my speaking calendar for next year. Would your church or group invite me to talk? See for my calendar and speaking details. Thank you!


I just returned recently from Grace College, Warsaw, Indiana…just 1 ½ hours from home (Valparaiso, Indiana) with 1,300 students. Before Grace College I was in Santa Barbara, CA, at Westmont College, with 800 students (you can hear my talk online). Two colleges in a row and two totally different cultures, but it is so rich to be around these very dedicated students who want to serve the Lord and make a difference and a positive impact on people’s lives. I love being on the college campuses around all that energy and passion.

All of these students want to serve the Lord in some capacity, whether it is in teaching, engineering, medicine, or whatever. My job is to uplift them, encourage them, and make them feel special, because they are. We are ALL special to God, and the mission field is wherever God puts you. People need the Lord. 

There are often students who attend these Christian Colleges and Universities that are not Christians, but because these schools have such high standards, morals, and integrity, and cost less money than most universities, they are compelled to go there. I can tell you, their lives become more meaningful, self-assured, and purposeful as they are impacted by the staff and students whose focus is God.

Look at the Hollywood gang – all these people getting involved in the African tragedies, and Katrina, and other disasters, etc. They are looking for some purpose and meaning in life beyond playing the part in a movie of someone who they are not.

My time on these college campuses is so encouraging so see that we have students who will be a part of our future in this country striving for excellence. The media does not focus enough on these students who are making our country look good…if they did it would challenge others to be the same. The media is very powerful but unfortunately it is mostly negative news. We do not have to be like that. Being positive is not only encouraging and uplifting, but it is also healing.

However, I have a story that goes back 42 years. I lived 24 years in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. It is not hard to get the attention of students when you talk about cannibals and headhunters (something that hardly exists anymore…there are still a few, however, back in those jungles). In the first two minutes they were on the edge of their seats and fully engaged. I had connected. This is not always easy when they hear that an old lady missionary is going to speak in chapel. Oh, please! Unfortunately, chapel is mandatory, so I did have a captivate audience.

I make it a point to let them know that I would be accessible for the two days that I was there. I hung out in the coffee shop where there is a steady line of students coming in and out all day long between classes. I had more chocolate Mochas with whipped cream than I would normally consume in a whole year. But, what a privilege to spend time with these students as they asked questions and shared their passions and worries. It usually starts with a hug, and we go from there.

I was engaged in a conversation for two hours with two young men who wrote poetry. They have a group of students that have formed a club for the poets. Anyway, I do not like poetry. I mean, I really do not like poetry. I know the Bible has a lot of poetry in the Psalms and Proverbs, but it seems to me that this is somewhat different. I’m not sure if anyone could out-write God. The Bible is the most incredible literary book ever written. I could be wrong on that point. It doesn’t matter, I do not like reading poetry or listening to poetry. But, hey, these are young students, and I do need to engage and encourage them with whatever passion they have. God can use it.

These two guys read me some of their poetry. John asked me if I would like to hear a poem about pidgins or possums. “You have to be kidding” I said, “Pidgins.” Well, it was hilarious and well done, I have to say, but nothing really rhymed. I guess it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Well, I was invited to the poetry forum that night in the “Little Theater.” It holds about 80 people – it was full to capacity…everyone walking in with their poems waiting for their turn to read them. Their poems were about campus life, their girlfriends, boyfriends, making fun of people, etc. Some were fairly deep and spiritual.

I was asked to participate. “What?” As I listened for over an hour to these poems, I was asked to read something from the Bible I had translated for the Sepik Iwam Tribe in Papua New Guinea. However, as I was sitting there listening to these student’s poems, I decided that I could give this poetry stuff a try. Not knowing what I was going to do, I got up on the platform, the last to speak, and I started winging it all the way. Here is a sample of what I think I said. I did polish it up a bit. I was amazed that I did make some of it rhyme.

“The Jungle boys from PNG coming to the USA.”

They were amazed by all they saw
These funny people running to and fro
Not knowing for sure where to go,
It’s just the way of the USA

There were things those jungle men did not like
For one example those horrible stop lights
They are very controlling as we drove around
And they did not make a single sound

Those lights up there had three different colors
Red, yellow, and green that’s all
Controlling every car in sight
Making sure you did what was right

Red meant that you had to stop
Green meant that you could go
Yellow, well, nobody rally knew just what to do
The yellow is the worst of all the lights
Either you go or either you stop.
The yellow is bad no matter what
Are you going to go slow or slam on the brakes?
Speed it up and just go through

The yellow is dangerous as you all know
So just take it out and let them go.
So we need not worry about this yellow light
Just sip on through, it will be alright

For as you all know
It’s just the way of the USA

Well, I got a rousing applause and a lot of hand shakes. Well, that too, is the way of the USA .
Thank you!
Marilyn Laszlo

P.S. As far as I can remember, that was my very first poem I had ever told. Have you written any poems about missions or God’s work that you’d like to share in the comments?

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